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I am a handed golfer. My normal shot is  

I hit the ball
  & &

Off the tee I usually hit  . My distance off the tee is  yards.

My typical 8 iron  distance is  yards.

My handicap is   My Driver Swingspeed is

My tempo is   My Grip Pressure is (1 soft - 5 hardest)

 My Glove size is         

I am Ft Inches tall Lbs.  of  Build

Standing straight in golf shoes, the distance from my wrist to the ground is inches.

Standing straight with my arms reaching horizontally to the side, the distance from the center of my chest to my wrist is inches.

I would like to hit the ball :            

Farther Higher Lower   Right to Left Left to Right

Straighten out my Hook Straighten out my SliceWitheBall.gif (6634 bytes)

So I can control ballflight and trajectory at will.

Features that appeal to me :

Feel   Sound  Appearance Control Distance Weight Workability


I am interested in the:
M56 Titanium Driver  with Tour Shaft    M421 Maraging Face Woods 

I am a retailer interested in TSHOTSGOLF Products

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