Shing-Yi Chuan (Hsing I  Chuan or Xingyiquan) is one of the three internal Chinese Martial Arts, the other two being Pa Kua and Tai Chi. Depending on personal philosophy, they can either be a Martial Art for self-defense, with health as a by-product, or as an exercise form for health, with self-defense as a by-product. All are based on Chi Gung (the Vital Energy)
Shing-Yi Chuan was taught only to the highly placed in Chinese society, such as, the kings and generals of the army, and that is why it was so little known in the Martial Arts circle until recently. There is a blossoming interest in Shing-Yi with many articles written about it, explaining what the authors perceive Chi to be, and how to develop the discipline to enable one to use it.
The Late Master Kenny Gong demonstrated many times that he had great internal power and that he was, through this system, teaching internal power. The technique is important, however, without the proper development of the Chi, the true power of the system cannot be achieved.

Shing-Yi means Mind Form. Developing both the mind and the body for the purpose of self-defense as well as health. The conditioning is MENTAL and SPIRITUAL. The system is designed to:

1. Train one's body and mind to work as one.

2. Strengthen vital organs, thus strengthening the entire body, inside and out.

3. Develop internal energy (Chi) from the vital organs and meridians through a series of POWER STANCES and BREATHINGS.

The power and techniques of Shing-Yi are based on the principles of ACUPUNCTURE and the theory of the FIVE ELEMENTS of the I-CHING, THE BOOK OF CHANGES. The classes consists of:

1. Meditation.

2. Technique (exercises and forms).

3. Self-defense and Philosophy Discussions.

Training is considerably different from that associated with what has come to be known as the external martial arts. There are no push-ups or sit-ups, no belt ranking system. Students are introduced to basic exercises which make the tendons more flexible, loosen the joints, strengthen the bones, and improve one's coordination. Meditation, which is an important part of every class, will open doors to achievements in many of life's endeavors. The student will be taught basic power stances which are considered the essence of Shing-Yi. Once these are learned, the students begin the FIVE ELEMENTS FORM and STICK HANDS-PUSH HANDS. These FIVE ELEMENTS train one's physical alignment and body coordination, allowing the body and mind to work as one, and leads to the development of INTERNAL POWER. The FIVE ELEMENTS FORM is essential to future training in the TWELVE ANIMALS FORM and practical uses in application of Shing-Yi self-defense techniques. Shing-Yi's TWELVE ANIMAL FORMS are somewhat different from other systems. We not only imitate the movement of the animals, but also study the mind and the spirit of the animal at the time of defense and attack.


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