ABOUT  PA KUA (or BaGua):

PA KUA CHANG (Baguazhang) literally means "Eight Trigram Palm" and is based on the I-CHING,  or The Book of Changes, also the basis for Feng Shui, the art of harmonizing.
Because the only thing constant in life is change,  Pa Kua Chang is the perfect system for today's constantly and rapidly changing world. A series of slow flowing moves, practiced on a circle, PA KUA teaches preparation for the ever constant "next move".
PA KUA is very dance-like, yet it is powerful and is a formidable self-defense system, as well as a tool for healthy and positive living. The focus of this class is on toning the body, through movement... and spiritual development, through meditation.
Classes consist of meditation, flexing exercises and the EIGHT PALMS Technique, a form practiced on a circle.
There are eight distinctly different sections that build the circle. They are part of a very unique system of moving meditation which produces balance, first, of the body, and then eventually of the spirit.

The beginning of Pa Kua training and the beginning of each class is devoted to the practice and study of the Chi Gung. The student learns to moderateg vital energy (Chi). Only with a true understanding of the Chi Gung is it possible to realize the full benefits of  Pa Kua or the other internal arts, Shing Yi and Tai Chi.



Pa Kua

Chi Gung